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Thinking in full circle

Content is the lifeblood of marketing and communications. But, in order to make marketing sense, it must create value for your brand and provide a return on your investment. Ultimately, good content must have an impact on your marketing metrics. It’s all very well creating a video, writing an article or producing a whitepaper or eBook, but without the capability and experience required to get that piece of content under the eyes of the people who matter, it could be a wasted effort.

Unlike specialist content agencies which may focus solely on originating content, the integrated marketing capability of The Walk Agency allows us to take a full-circle approach to our content marketing. In addition to developing content strategy, writing, designing and producing your content, we can also help to promote, distribute it – making it work hard to give you a return on your investment.

We also offer reporting and analysis of our asset’s performance that allows us to learn and adapt marketing and distribution efforts based on actual results.

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Consider the following:

  • Does your editorial or content plan align with key marketing outcomes?
  • How are you ensuring that your content helps strengthen the narrative of your brand, products or services?
  • How will your content be discovered by different audiences?
  • At which customer touch point and where in the buying cycle is the content being served?
  • Once your content is created, how can it work harder over different marketing channels?

We take both the guesswork and legwork out of this process, creating impactful content, making it available, visible and actionable to produce measurable results for your brand, product or service.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Brand analysis
  • Content strategy research development
  • Content audits
  • Content portal development
  • Content planning and production
  • Content scheduling and distribution
  • Content lead generation
  • Content measurement and reporting
  • Influencer engagement
  • Amplification
  • Marketing automation

Success stories

The Walk Agency has a history of successful integrated marketing campaigns, merging a technopreneur attitude and a data-driven approach with creative thinking and the ability to execute.

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Re-introducing Australia to world-class journalism in the digital era.

Constant change within the digital age meant that TIME has had to work hard to stay relevant, including transforming the way they deliver content. Our task was to promote the brilliant TIME app and generate qualified traffic for the TIME subscription page.

The digital strategy focused on promoting the app and its features, using subscription offers to entice conversions. We used multiple iterations of targeted ads to attract qualified traffic, which was met with a highly crafted landing page that achieved a 9.99% conversion rate. We also created a video review of the app and enlisted 3rd party influencers in the blogosphere to generate more hype and clicks.

Bringing an untold brand story to the world in a rich web experience.

A clean, intuitive and responsive web design is crucial in connecting with the global audience. Even through Lenovo’s ThinkPad had a loyal funbase, it had virtually non-existent online presence.

By bringing the ThinkPad brand story to life on the web, The Walk Agency were able to create an extraordinary online experience, taking the viewer through a rich visual and compellingly written story of the brand, generating close to 1,000% ROI in the first 6 months.

The site has continued to expand to be available in over 30 markets around the world.

Bringing complex ideas and information in an easy to interpret format.

In the current fast-paced online environment, multiplex information has to be easy and quick to understand and digest.

Having launched a complex new product, Harbour IT’s Cloud Metro needed to be communicated in a snappy and visually pleasing format.
The Walk Agency were able to take the provided information and create an easy to interpret infographic outlining the offering.

On the other hand, Amazon Web Services (AWS) required The Walk Agency to take some of the existent research, as well as perform an in-depth investigation exercise, to show research outcomes and evidence in a meaningful and useful way.

Content marketing to C level executives.

CTO’s, CIO’s and senior technologists are leaders constantly on the lookout for the latest solutions and business insights.

Creating a custom portal, Enterprise Matters for Lenovo, especially designed for easy access and use, The Walk Agency have brought together the latest articles, research papers, inforgraphics, white papers and case studies to provide the most engaging and beneficial experience.

The portal has given enterprises the knowledge that has the potential to influence their performance and outcomes.

Lead generation in a niche market helps mid-market brand go national.

Conquest Equipment, traditionally a family owned and operated regional business, had the opportunity to move digital and enter new markets around Australia.

Starting with a discovery workshop, The Walk Agency established priorities, and devised a strategy to allow for the desired growth phase of the business.

Integrated marketing approach ensured the overwhelmingy positive outcome, with optimising the website, enhancing SEO and leveraging automation for a more efficient business.

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Content marketing strategy consultation for 30 minutes.