Our people

At The Walk, we celebrate that our clients and colleagues alike are all people on a journey. We are committed to walking the path as a team, fostering great working relationships through transparency and good communication.

Achieving excellence takes experience, and we’ve been around while.

Meet some of the problem solvers, imaginative thinkers, big picture strategists, data nerds and account ambassadors you could work with.

Co-founder & Creative Director
Jo Edwards

There’s nothing like variety when you’re passionate about integrated marketing. Jo’s experience spans nearly two decades and three continents, where a career as a designer, art director, copywriter and creative director has seen him lead projects and teams to achieve great results across a diverse range of segments, industries and geographies. As a co-founder at The Walk, Jo brings an […]

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Co-founder & Digital Director
Nick Cantor

An undercover Australian actually brought up in San Francisco. Our resident digital expert, and co-founder, Nick has worked around the world on a range of brands across multiple industries. Bringing over 20 years of international and local experience to The Walk, he is driven by the idea within the context of strategy and technology. Nick was selected to attend the […]

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Account Executive
Brendan Wong

Merging business acumen with creative energy. Brendan is a solution-oriented team member always looking to add extra value to every project. For Brendan, it’s all about being forward thinking and proactive to critically identify when something more can be done to take projects from great, to truly outstanding. Brendan’s marketing experience spans the national marketplace for the Australian Tourism industry, […]

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Rakesh Maharjan

But first, coffee! That’s what makes the difference after all, isn’t it? With more than a decade of experience as designer, working in-house and in agency environments, Rakesh has learned to value the practicality of a creative piece as much as keeping it visually pleasing. As such, his ability to see design as a crucial aspect of problem-solving for marketing […]

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Web Developer
Jonny Wakely

Coffee-infused hiking is the best! Developer, designer, wood-chipper, rock-climber, lover of coffee (and Star Trek). A character raised in the countryside, honed in the city and refined into the world of digital crafting. Why does he do it? To build, to fix, to craft, to create (and maybe to show-off just a little). Having served many years in the Marketing […]

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Kelsey Moir

The creative energy never stops flowing for Kelsey. Nor do the chai spiced coffees! Her imagination is constantly fuelled and ready to produce loads of design ammunition. As a graphic designer, illustrator and digital designer, Kelsey has a diverse range of design experience, from creating UX based websites to animated presentations and murals. Alongside this, Kelsey brings great flexibility in […]

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