The Walk is an integrated marketing and communications agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

With an energetic team of problem solvers, imaginative thinkers, big picture strategists and data nerds. At The Walk our focus is always on delivering return on imagination for our valued clients.

The Walk is a response to a rapidly changing global marketing environment, readdressing the role of the marketing agency by adopting a new-age, flexible business model.

Our clients are all different and they all work differently, whether they have inhouse teams and come to us for strategy and creative ideas or require end-to-end services from ideation to final execution. So we stay agile and think on our feet to enable effective delivery for our clients around the world.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is our core strength at the Walk. An idea should live and grow across a range of media, the audience’s path punctuated with timeous, relevant and contextual reminders of the campaign messaging. This is a key reason why we’ve made the ability to expertly execute across a range of media, marketing sectors and geographies intrinsic to our agency model.

Smart, effective and measurable are the watchwords at The Walk. Using insights, analysis and being agile is increasingly essential to delivering results in rapidly evolving business and marketing landscapes.

Return on Imagination

Staying still is going backwards. So at The Walk we are always moving, always looking ahead and constantly pouring our energy into producing new and imaginative marketing. To do this, we strive to go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients to demonstrate fresh, innovative and intuitive understanding of their products, services and marketplace. We apply strategic thinking to delivering quality, cut-through marketing campaigns, inspired creative, insightful data analytics and leading marketing communications.

The result? Return on imagination.

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