The Walk online briefing solution

Simplifying your next project brief

We offer our clients access to a convenient online briefing solution. This simplifies the way you tell us about upcoming campaign work and makes it easy to detail the specifics of deliverables within that campaign.

How does it work:

Our briefing system uses a combination of projects and elements. Projects can be any activity or campaign that you’d like our help with, whether it’s an insights, strategy or content piece, or a combination of all three.

Within each project, there are elements which each represent a specific deliverable. For example, an integrated campaign might first require a concept, with that concept then rolled out across media including search, display, OOH, radio, TVC and printed media. The project brief outlines the high level requirements for the campaign which will capture the background and context of the problem we’re trying to solve and any key information we’ll need to go about solving it. The elements will all follow the high level direction of the project brief, but the individual element briefs allow us to capture information specific to each execution. For example, a radio ad will follow the concept, but may have specific messaging requirements for each region where it’s going to be aired. Printed and OOH media will follow the same concept, but may have regionally specific calls to action and will also each have individual production specifications.

Our online briefing solution allows us to easily capture all the information we need to efficiently produce stunning, effective work.

Let’s get started!

Get exclusive access to your customised briefing portal allowing us to easily capture all the information we need to efficiently produce stunning, effective work.

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Follow these simple steps to brief us on your project:


Start up your project  “Create” button in the top left-hand corner. You will then have the chance to fill in your project details through the form that appears.


Your project is created!

The status of your project will be labelled as “NEW BRIEF” until it has been submitted, allowing you to update the information as many times as you need to before notifying us that your brief is ready.

After you have reviewed the information in your project brief, send it off to us by hitting the “Submit brief” button within the project. The status of the brief will change to “SUBMITTED”.


Now you can create elements for your project by clicking the “Create element” button. It will create a unique form with questions about the element you want to create for the project.

Elements are broken up into element types which will give you clarification to specify what the element is. Depending on what you choose, a unique form will appear. For example, to create a client blasted eDM, select the element type “eDM, social & digital advertising” and then select “Client Blasted eDM” in the adjacent drop down box.


Review the brief for the element that you have just created and “Submit brief” to send it through to us.

N.B. Every element of a campaign needs to be submitted, so we know that it’s required.


After we have reviewed the brief, the status will be updated to “RECEIVED”.


You can edit the brief you submitted to us anytime you need to. Simply click the “Edit” button.

N.B. After you have made your changes, please click “Mark as updated” so that we are notified and can review it. The brief status will change to “UPDATED”. Once we have reviewed the updated brief we will once again mark the status as “RECEIVED”.

Pro Tip

If you’re making a small update to a complex brief, you can add a comment to highlight what the update was.

It’s just that easy

We hope that our briefing system helps to simplify what can be a daunting process. With a well considered brief now provided, you can be confident that we have all the information we need to complete your project, from the overall strategic direction right down to the dimensions of each individual deliverable.

If you have any questions or request for login details, please feel free to email team@thewa.lk or call +61 3 9973 0204 and we’ll be glad to assist at any stage during the briefing process.

Try it out now! Brief your next project through our online briefing portal and see how simple it is!

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