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Because of its undeniable effectiveness and ability to prove return on investment (ROI), email marketing remains an important part of successful integrated and digital media marketing strategies. We help businesses, small and large, design create and deploy email marketing via custom-built, personalised email campaigns through a variety of email marketing systems and platforms.

Here are a few ways we help businesses go pro with their email marketing:

Targeted eDMs

We can help you cut through the inbox clutter with targeted EDM (Email Direct Marketing) campaigns, encouraging recipients to perform an action.


Deliver consistent and engaging brand messages that complement your website through targeted and relevant information.

Welcome series

Start a dialogue with your newly acquired customer through a well structured, personalised welcome series campaign.

Re-engagement series

Stay in touch with lapsed customers via targeted and personalised messages. We can help you come up with the best re-engagement strategy to re-connect with your customers.

Landing pages

Ensure site visitors from your email campaigns convert to customers through a well-designed landing page with clear purpose and a seamless user experience.

Data capture (forms)

Feed your nurture funnel and grow your database while keeping conversions top-of-mind, through easy-to-use and responsive data capture points throughout your website.


Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rates than those that do not personalize.

(Experian, 2016)

We have worked with:

Clients all around the world enjoy our email marketing services. Whether it’s giving them everything from start to finish, or just helping them with individual components, like master templates, content creation, data management or any one of the moving parts, we’re happy to help at any point in the process. Our focus is on helping our customers wherever we add the most value.

  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Email and integrated marketing services

There are well over a hundred defined methods of marketing out there (content marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, social marketing, affiliate marketing, account-based marketing…the list goes on) and the efficacy of each is hotly debated as new categories emerge and methods of measurement evolve. But, one method has been proven over time to consistently perform well across industries, categories and audience segments: email marketing.


We will work with you to understand your business and target market in order to define realistic goals and develop an engaging campaign strategy to deliver results.


Starting with the right strategy is critical, but learning from results and optimising campaigns as you go is equally important.


Our focus on user-centered creative means we are able to produce beautiful and functional emails that align with your brand and resonates with your audience to generate real results.


 We can act as an extension of your in-house marketing team. You can benefit from having email marketing professionals manage your entire campaign or assist as required.


Together, we will work on ensuring a clear acquisition and retention strategy to help with list growth and hygiene, while keeping current customers feel engaged.


We believe it’s critical to take a multi-channel approach when it comes marketing and can help seamlessly align your email campaigns with other channels, such as, print, paid search, social and many others.

Our partnerships:

We partner with leading providers to deliver the best solutions possible and keep you a step ahead. We’re proud of our partner affiliations with both Bronto and Mailchimp, each offering great solutions for their distinct offerings. Not sure which is right for you? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Email marketing projects:

Explore some integrated marketing projects that have an email marketing component.

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