Giving shape to the cloud

Lenovo, Worldwide

Lenovo’s Data Center Group faced a steep mountain to climb with their solutions-based cloud offerings, namely building credibility to customers compared to more established names in the market.

The solution lay at the top of the marketing funnel, with informative, thought-leading and genuinely useful content that not only helped their potential customers, but also highlighted their expertise in the space.

The destination

Cloud has been around for a while, but not everyone is on board. The team at Lenovo wanted to target potential customers in their research phase, illustrating how their expertise and experience in the space could offer solutions which would deliver businesses the agility they need to remain competitive. We worked with the Lenovo cloud product team to devise a series of content marketing assets – A Private Cloud Checklist, Cloud Best Practice Guide and Cloud Strategy eBook – and a web-based interactive Cloud Assessment tool.

The route

The checklist offered the basics of cloud, the guide a more detailed account of the benefits offered by different cloud models, and the eBook tackled the biggest challenge – how to go about developing a successful cloud strategy in an enterprise environment. The Cloud Assessment tool took the form of an online survey, asking questions about the customer’s IT landscape. The tool then delivered a PDF which was generated based on their answers, guiding them through some of the complexity in the cloud operational model that would most likely suit them.

The Walk

The output of the project was a comprehensive suite of well written and beautifully designed content marketing assets which showed customers that Lenovo is an expert and experienced player in the cloud solutions space. Writing for professionals at different points in their cloud education journey meant that a range of different customers could find the help they needed and discover Lenovo as a potential cloud solutions partner, building confidence and credibility around their data center group brand.

Private Cloud Checklist

Cloud Best Practice Guide

Cloud Strategy eBook

Cloud Assessment tool

Cloud Assessment tool results

Looking for content marketing that cuts through?

At The Walk, we have produced oodles of great content pieces, each designed to engage with audiences at particular points on their journey as they discover brands, products and solutions. Of course, while education and discovery are important for engagement, we also understand it’s essential to drive action, and to design journeys which move audiences to get closer to your brand, make a purchase or to become advocates. If you need more visibility and affinity for your brand, product or solution, let’s talk.


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