Partnering to bring productivity solutions to businesses in flux

Lenovo and Microsoft, USA

As businesses in the USA struggled to pivot and cope with the impact of the pandemic, the world’s #1 PC company, Lenovo, partnered with Microsoft to help businesses remain productive whilst keeping their information secure. To get their message across, they turned to The Walk.

The destination

In a time when businesses are dealing with their workforce suddenly working from home, there have been significant challenges for IT leaders to ensure productivity, collaboration and security are all taken care of in the changed environment. Lenovo, partnered with Microsoft to offer simple licensing solutions for the new Microsoft 365 suite of cloud-based productivity software, bundled with Lenovo’s managed services and support, to solve these challenges with a single, easy-to-procure solution. The challenge was to get in market quickly, with a compelling offer.

The route

Our campaign married the productivity features of Microsoft 365 with the Lenovo solution for simplifying licence management and delivering 24/7 support, presenting the joint benefit to customers. We designed a LinkedIn campaign and 3-touch email nurture series that targeted decision-makers and led them to our conversion-optimised landing page. Once there, a bespoke infographic, detailed thought leadership piece and a campaign video meant customers could be introduced to the scope of the solution at whatever level of detail suited them. A call guide for sales teams was also written to help with following up captured leads.

The Walk

We love to make a positive impact, so working with two of the world’s leading brands to support businesses across the USA through the challenges of 2020 was something that we truly appreciated here at The Walk. By creating assets that encouraged progressively deeper levels of engagement, we led prospects from the high-level idea through to the detail of the thought leadership piece. This helped prospects understand what needed solving immediately, as well as the numerous learnings of recent times and how they have entered a new normal that will last well beyond the pandemic.

With businesses clamouring for solutions to the remote work challenge, the clock was really ticking on this project and we delivered in record time, to the great appreciation of the teams at Microsoft and Lenovo.

Landing page and email series

Infographic explaining the benefits at a glance

Thought leadership piece

Linkedin ad

Video explaining why you would choose Lenovo for your Microsoft 365 licensing

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