Digital Asset Management System on a Global Scale

The Vault for Lenovo (worldwide)

Lenovo, the worlds #1 PC maker, operates in hundreds of markets globally and needed a solution for managing and distributing a vast range of marketing assets.

A synthesis of IT infrastructure, UX design and a marketing project, the Vault marketing asset library is a searchable archive of videos, photos and documents from the Think brand.

The destination

Asset Management and Distribution is important for just about any business, but when you’re the world’s no #1 PC maker, working across hundreds of markets globally, the requirements can be incredibly complicated.

Key to this solution was cross-device compatibility, localisation for regional markets and multiple levels of access for various user types, be they regional managers, agencies,  resellers or retailers.

Due to a number of factors affecting the brand globally, the project needed to be produced in about half the time normally required.

The route

When we received the brief for this job, we knew it was a huge project with a lot of work to be done just mapping it out. With a 3 month timeline on a project that needed more like 6 months, we had to be creative about our approach. We ended up choosing an open source system as our base and used a responsive framework for the front-end development.

This approach, combined with our commitment to planning both the system and user interactions at the beginning of the process allowed us to accelerate through functionality issues and spend our time on delivering a rich user experience.

The Walk

The end-result was an HTML5 web-app that delivered cross-device access to all their marketing assets, across multiple markets for a range of user-types. The system, known as The Vault, was launched globally at their marketing summit and was hailed a huge success and has helped define us as the go-to agency for complex digital projects.

Responsive HTML5 web app

SSO enabled login screen

Video conversion and playback, a la YouTube

Looking to go pro with management and distribution of your brands assets?

Digital Asset Management systems like The Vault deliver a fundamental shift in how valuable your assets can be. The evolution from searching filenames on a server, to searching assets based on attributes, such as location, colour, media type or even searching within the contents of your assets, makes your assets much more valuable (and discoverable) and removes many pain points for businesses of any size.


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