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Driving revenue, growing brand awareness and generating new leads through email marketing

Because of its undeniable effectiveness and ability to prove return on investment (ROI), email marketing remains an important part of successful integrated and digital media marketing strategies. We help businesses, small and large, design create and deploy email marketing through custom-built, personalised email campaigns through a variety of email marketing systems and platforms.

Effectiveness = staying power

There are well over a hundred defined methods of marketing out there (content marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, social marketing, affiliate marketing, account-based marketing, etc., etc.) and the efficacy of each is hotly debated as new categories emerge and methods of measurement evolve. But, one method has been proven over time to consistently perform well across industries, categories and audience segments: email marketing.

Today, businesses need to be able to do more with less while connecting with audiences in a highly personalised way. Executed properly, email marketing can be one of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective marketing methods, especially when it successfully coheres with a broader digital or integrated marketing strategy.

It’s critical to ensure your emails are professionally delivered and the content is relevant to the receiver. At the end of the day, the success of your business relies on your ability to create a connection with individuals in your audience, and motivate them to engage with your brand, product or service


Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rates than those that do not personalize.

(Experian, 2016)

If data is the new currency, email is your ATM

Of course, it all starts with email addresses, and the only way to get these is for them to be given freely. So, you have to earn them. Email marketing is a simple way of taking hard-earned data and making it valuable in the real world. It’s the medium that takes leads, creates consistent engagement and makes sales. Data such as names, phone numbers and email addresses are the currency of the web and of these, an email address is arguably the most valuable. This is because an email address is a lead that can be followed up in a highly automated, low cost but personal and extremely engaging way. If your emails are linking to an online store, you can even complete a transaction solely with an email address.

  • When it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers, there is no channel with a wider reach than email.
  • If you rely on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media platform, you are at the mercy of them allowing you to talk to your audience.

When you send an email, and do it right, it gets in your customers’ inboxes, where it creates the opportunity for a personal, one-to-one dialogue.

Be relevant or be deleted.

In the age of personalisation, consumers expect brands to know who they are and what they want. You have to be able to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. No ifs’, buts’ or maybes’.

Of course, we all know that plenty of emails end up in the trash, but only if they are not relevant, engaging and visually appealing. This can prove a challenge across devices such as PCs, tablets and mobiles, playing host to a variety of email clients. Even worse, if recipients are getting bombarded with poor content at too high a frequency, they will simply unsubscribe.

But the good news is that personalising email campaigns and delivering relevant content to your subscribers has never been easier. Efficient data base segmentation, dynamic content, robust templates and automation can all combine to achieve optimal campaign performance, especially when coupled with accurate measurement that ensures the right adjustments are made over time.


Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns.

(MailChimp, 2016)

What makes a good email?

Targeting and segmentation present great opportunities for being able to get your business, product or service in front of the audience most likely to engage and act on your message. Email targeting comes down to having good contact data, and managing your list through an email blasting tool or CRM can make your data very powerful.

Not every campaign warrants segmentation, this is really a question of volume and whether or not you have sufficient variance in relevant content. Targeting and segmentation are what make relevant personalisation possible – delivering individuals within an audience segment the messages, offers or information that are right for them.

In this example, we personalised a mass email for Great Eastern Life in Singapore. A database of more than 100,000 people received an email with a reward segmented by loyalty tier which enabled them to download a PDF voucher which was also personalised and redeemable at the point of sale. Each recipient’s email came from their personal insurance agent and included the agent’s photo, contact details and a personal message to their clients.

Segmented emails delivered two reward tiers and mostly personalised copy.
Ideally, emails should be relevant to their audience segment and offer something of value.

You’ve probably hear that content is king, and it’s just as critical for emails. People receive a huge number of emails and plenty of unsolicited messages from brands. Yours needs to be the one that piques their interest so they open it, read it, engage with the content and act on what they’ve seen.

Aside from a catchy subject line, your content will need to be visual, relevant to the audience and should offer them some kind of value in exchange for their attention. After all, the reader is giving you their time in reading the email, what are you giving to them?

Being able to customise content for different audience segments can make it easier to be relevant, but the content still has to be great for all the segments. Remember that no matter who your audience is, it’s still your message and whatever you’re communicating needs to honestly represent your brand, product or service.

In our example for Lenovo which addresses technologists in the manufacturing industry in North America, a time-poor executive level audience receive a simple branded email with a single visual providing interest. The audience is offered value – an ebook which they can download for free. A robust responsive design ensures readability across devices and the content is limited to summarising the reasons they might benefit from  the download.

The structure and design of your email is crucial to engagement. Many readers just scan their emails, deciding in a few seconds if they should bother reading the whole thing. A well designed email will be visually engaging and have a structure that delivers key information bites as quickly as possible, drawing the reader in and enticing them to read deeper so they are eventually enticed to take action.

Good design should marry your email copy with engaging visual content as well as professionally represent your corporate identity and brand personality. Always remember your audience and structure the way you deliver content to suit them. Do they usually read email on mobiles? Do they just want content in the email, or just a titbit that links off to a webpage?

Our example for a UGC social competition for school kids shows strong visual elements, clear directional design and only brief copy explaining the context for the competition.

A well-structured, visually engaging email is increasingly important these days.
Crafting a well designed email that displays well with old email clients and renders well on devices can be a fine art.

As a digital communication stream, emails are subject technical variations like no other medium. People read their emails through a variety of different email clients on desktops, tablets, mobiles and wearables, each of which  interpret code and display differently. Your design and content needs to take into account responsive environments and manage the display limitations of the lowest common denominator whilst still taking advantage of what’s possible in the most modern email clients and devices.

You’ll also need to follow best practice to make sure your email is receivable by your whole audience, avoiding spam filters, managing file sizes and potentially serving images to locations all over the world as well as following legal guidelines around user data, opt-in and privacy.

At The Walk, our broad experience covers designing, building and sending emails for clients from financial services and B2B enterprise clients to broad-base consumer promotion and newsletter emails. In the example shown, we can see how a responsive email design allows elements to reflow logically for different screen sizes.

Don’t underestimate the range of skills required to put together a great email campaign. There are many disciplines involved – including strategy, data science, content design, copywriting, graphic design, coding and knowledge of specialist email platforms and tools – and the overall effectiveness can be brought down by a single weak link.

Because of the diverse use cases for email and the variety of businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes who send them, there are many ways to put them together. From large enterprises with in-house teams whose entire role is dedicated to email workflows to smaller businesses with part time marketing coordinator handling the email communication streams, each scenario will have an optimum method.

Templates can be great for both small and large businesses, and integrations with popular blasting platforms or major CRM’s that have their own blast capability can make it easy to develop branded content that displays predictably on benchmark devices and email clients. However, remembering that the content is paramount, no template will solve this for you and an irrelevant or badly structured email will still fail, even if it’s well branded and displays properly.

Of course, sometimes you just need an email that does something a bit special and requires custom coding, or you want to enable employees to send to individuals or small lists from their own Outlook accounts. The examples show a custom newsletter template for Lenovo Worldwide, a well-crafted Outlook OFT and a versatile template for a smaller business.

Well crafted templates that are visually engaging at any size, on any device.

How can The Walk help you?

Email marketing is a specialist area for us, and we can talk you through how to use email to drive revenue, nurturing customer relationships and increasing brand recognition. We take a holistic, integrated approach to marketing where email can play a pivotal role. With our dedicated in-house content team, we can advise on, create and deploy relevant and engaging content, whether it’s for your email, landing pages or supporting marketing assets and downloads.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Email design and production for eDM’s, newsletters and more
  • Responsive email that will display beautifully across multiple devices
  • Email strategy and ongoing campaign optimisation
  • Automated marketing emails
  • Content marketing emails
  • Email list growth and lead nurture
  • Managed or self-service email marketing templates
  • Custom designed landing pages with data capture forms crafted to increase conversions
  • Training and support for your email marketing campaigns

Frequently asked questions about email marketing solutions:

Yes. With our dedicated in-house content writing team, The Walk is able to advise on, and create relevant and engaging content not only for your email campaigns, but any other content type, taking an holistic, integrated marketing approach. We can assist  with developing a strategy, writing, designing and producing your content as well as helping to promote and distribute it.

Find out more about our Content Marketing services here.

Yes. Using email templates is a simple way to create consistently branded, professional looking email. The Walk Agency is able to design and create beautiful and functional templates, especially crafted for your business. All our templates are fully responsive and custom-built to meet your specific requirements.

We can also provided training for your team to help them get the best from their new template, or continue to work with your in-house resources to ensure your emails look great and deliver the results you need.

We can provide email marketing support for Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing, InfusionSoft, HubSpot, Vision6 and Bronto.

Is your platform not listed? Chances are we can still work with it. Reach out and we will be able to evaluate your email system requirements and advise on the best approach.

Yes. With our extensive email marketing experience, we are able to provide training, including, but not limited to:

  • The patforms and how to use them
  • List management and segmentation
  • Data structure for optimal personalisation opportunities
  • Campaign management
  • Best practice for subject lines, content and design

Reporting is essential for optimising campaign performance and maintaining transparency around results. We can help not just with full performance reports, but also with insights on what that data means and recommendations for adaptations and improvements. Our approach also means we don’t believe in sugar-coating or glorifying results – both triumphs and tribulations are part of how we learn and improve our email campaigns.

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