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Making numbers into meaning

Data-driven marketing isn’t new and with the rapid proliferation of customer data via an array of different media, insight is what makes the real difference between personalising a letter and really effective use of data.

Our increasing capability to process huge amounts of data in shorter and shorter times plus automation through off-the-shelf and bespoke tools – and even artificial intelligence – it’s the horizon of a new era in data. But one thing that hasn’t changed is what insight is and what it can do.  It’s that thing that allows you to be relevant, personal and timeous with your audience; getting the messages they want to hear, across the media they want to engage with, at a time when they’re interested.

Whilst part of what insight means comes down to how the numbers fall, there’s still a lot to be said for a bit of gut feel when it comes to making the numbers add up to meaningful action for people. You need to have both the technical prowess, the technology and the human smarts to take what the numbers are saying and turn that into sales, customer loyalty or brand engagement.

Once purely the domain of giant retailers and their loyalty schemes, automation tools, more readily available data and customer engagement with digital media all come together to open the doors to more and more businesses being able to reap the rewards of data insights.

At The Walk, we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes with:

  • Database research, analysis and modelling
  • Customer profiling
  • Segmentation development
  • Attrition and acquisition strategies
  • Predictive modelling
  • Campaign analysis and tracking of results
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