Data driven marketing for results-driven outcomes

The much-quoted epic “The Art of War” attributed to 5th century BC Chinese commander, Sun Tzu, tells us that victorious warriors win first, then go to war.

Fast forward seven thousand years to marketing and (at a bit of a stretch) that proves as true today. In modern marketing, we don’t just put up posters and hope that someone buys a product as a result. There are so many ways we can measure, analyse and predict results that, like Sun Tzu, we can go into a campaign with confidence that we’ll achieve our goals.

At the heart of this are insights. Insights are not data, or results, or a report from a system. Insights are what we decide the data is telling us about people and their behaviour. Sun Tzu was also very keen on knowing your adversary and yourself, and this point also rings true today in that insights can tell us as much about a brand and what it really means, as it can about the people engaging with it.

Let’s look at how insights are generated.

Measurement and reporting

First up, we ensure anything which should be tracked is setup to be measured and can contribute to the overall reporting effort that is an ongoing part of any work we do. We then move on to reporting. It’s crucial to select the right information to report on, in order to glean the right insight into your audience,  market or message. As an integrated, media agnostic agency, we ensure measurement and reporting are thought about offline where possible too. We’ll help you connect offline to online efforts where possible and then, with the right reporting setup, we’ll work with you to uncover the insights hidden in this data. We’ll bashfully confess that, for us, this is almost the most exciting part of marketing. The entire direction of what you do can be steered by insights.

Consumer and market research

Understanding your customers and market are crucial to making an impact with your efforts. Our research will help you understand the opportunities available and how to convert those opportunities into something tangible, like a lead or sale. Crucial with this kind of research is having up-to-date information, as both consumers and markets can change quickly, which is why we maintain a focus on fresh data, state-of-the-art data methods and a healthy dose of human touch, bringing the kind of awareness and instinct that is often lacking from purely data-driven activities.

Customer analytics

Understanding your customers has never been easier, with real-time data and deep wells of historical data available for customers at a demographic or individual level. It can be tempting to trust a single data source, but here at The Walk we like to see the entire picture, so we’ll seek out 3rd party data when required to ensure we have a good understanding of the context in which certain behaviour occurs. Through segmentation and predictive modelling, we’ll be better placed to inform your strategy when going to market, ensuring optimal return on your investment.

Segmentation and personas

Breaking down your data to a point where you start to see the individuals, the people, behind the numbers is essential if you’re to really make a connection with your marketing. We’ll leverage whatever tools we can to get there, ensuring we can see your customers’ behaviour as clearly as possible, whether that relates to broad areas of interest, media consumption habits, lifestyle interests or brand and product bias. With this level of understanding, we can create highly personalised content and experiences, increasing engagement. We’ll help you understand who your most valuable customers are and provide insights into how you can find new ones. In this, our focus is always on using whatever methods we can to yield you the greatest returns.


Making it mean something

Key to any Insights is meaningful reporting. Here at The Walk, we’re a bunch of data nerds, but we also understand that not everyone else is. Our reports are typically both high level and detailed, so they deliver insights to different people within your business. Defining the areas we report on, and where to go into detail or focus on painting a broader picture, is a crucial step to any insights projects we work on with our clients. We’ll work with you in the early stages to define this and ensure the output will give you what you need to get the most out of the exercise.

Step out with The Walk?

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