Creating marketing strategies that help you be seen, heard, understood and remembered

Defining a clear, effective, well-structured strategy is key to success in marketing. But what does it take to craft a strategy that will deliver results?

Here at The Walk, our cyclical approach to marketing ensures we constantly refer back to insights to inform our strategy, which in turn informs our content. We start with whatever insights we can possibly glean that confirm we’re believing in the right idea and heading in the right direction, before work begins on the strategy.

This often means when we first start working with you, we’ll sit down with your team and conduct a discovery workshop to capture all the data we can, whether that’s online data, data from your CRM or even anecdotal data from your sales team. From here we try to get a clear picture of your target audience, the market and any other relevant information. The output might go so far as delivery of a marketing plan or it might just be a top-line analysis of key factors such as competitors, positioning and pricing.

Let’s look at how we approach the strategy process from here.


Discovery is an information gathering phase. Starting with considering what’s come before, we work with you to develop the context of your project, understanding why things were initially done the way they were, where current states fall short of expectation, and any known considerations that will affect the context in the future. The more information we uncover, the more likely we are to deliver a marketing strategy that will deliver on your picture of success.


From discovery, we like to generate fresh insights which will allow us to accurately define and contextualise the challenge ahead. This is a collaborative step, where your knowledge and experience of your business and market coupled with our expertise, enables us to develop well-informed and relevant insights.


Now we’re ready to consider all the factors at play and develop a strategy. Because we’re media agnostic, we’ll look at executing across whatever mediums will be the most effective in influencing your audience. Whether you need a simple guiding document, a full marketing plan for one or multiple quarters, or you require creative consulting and partnership on your strategy, The Walk is here to help in whichever way best helps your marketing results align with your business objectives.


Why is strategy important ?

With the myriad creative options available in integrated marketing, you have the potential to move in many different directions, down a range of different channels and media. Strategy allows us to keep our efforts steered in the right direction, defining both the goal and the path we might take to get us there. A good strategy provides the compass which always points to true north and helps everyone on the journey align and pull in the same direction, no matter what twists and turns are encountered along the way.

Step out with The Walk?

Have you found it challenging to put the right strategy in place for your marketing efforts? Or have you struggled to execute a strategy that seemed to be right? Get in touch to discover how The Walk can help you set off in the right direction and deliver a strategy that’s both practical to execute and will deliver the results you need.

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