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Turning it up to eleven: Getting results from effective content amplification

by Jo Edwards • December 4, 2017

So, you’ve heard about content amplification, but seriously, what does that mean? Simply put, content amplification is an integrated approach to using paid, owned and earned media to distribute content you’ve created. You can think of content amplification like having a microphone when you’re talking to a crowd. Turn the mic off and only the people at the front will […]

Moving into a dynamic content world

by Christian Colaneri • December 1, 2017

Today’s market sees a multitude of tech providers offering dynamic content solutions. Existing suppliers are evolving their offering, and new players are joining the party to redefine the method and channels to deliver on the dynamic opportunity. So, what exactly is dynamic content and why should you look into it? Dynamic content, at a glance Put simply, it’s a framework […]

The eve of AI – preparing for artificial intelligence and automation powered marketing

by Nick Cantor • October 11, 2017

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines about robots taking our jobs. Yes, it’s real and it’s happening right now. For some the onset is coming, whilst for others, it’s been underway for years (think manufacturing). In marketing, it’s crashing over us like a wave right now and we’re feeling its impact in both positive and negative ways. As the […]

Integrated marketing: so much more to love

by Jo Edwards • July 21, 2017

There is a lot to love about integrated marketing – not just for you, but also for your customers. By using multiple touch points to paint the big picture for a brand, product or service that is consistent across channels and communications, it creates a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To make your […]

Game on – the rise of agile marketing

by Bob Shrestha • April 18, 2017

Today’s business world is changing faster than ever. Marketers are required to produce faster, often with limited budgets. This means getting to market more quickly, but at no extra cost. Because of this environment, businesses are being challenged to keep up the pace but often within limited marketing budgets. This means getting to market faster, but at no extra cost. […]

Web design is dead, long live web design!

by Nick Cantor • February 9, 2017

Why frameworks have changed digital publishing for good Fast. Smart. Agile. These are words that are often associated with web & app development. But take a look at the amounts of code these solutions require and I think you’ll appreciate that a lot of work goes into it. So if the work is that involved, how do we do it […]

The demise of the digital agency

by Bob Shrestha • November 16, 2016

The modern integrated agency has arrived allowing brands to get back to what they do best It seems that for years I’ve been talking about the need for agencies to integrate digital more deeply into their businesses. For what seemed like the longest time, accounts, strategy and creative teams would work away, independent of the digital team. When the campaign […]

Cooking up a successful channel incentive program – the recipe that works

by Bob Shrestha • October 10, 2016

In a business-to-business environment, staying close and relevant to the distribution channel, who are interacting directly with the end-user decision makers, is both a big challenge and a great opportunity. Major product and software companies are dependent on the channel for all but the largest client opportunities and in a sales environment, there is always a range of competitors trying […]

What’s in a name? Getting personal in the data game.

by Jo Edwards • September 17, 2016

Dear {{Firstname; fallback = “Customer=1”}} We’ve all been there. You’re running through your inbox and you open a special message with a great opportunity or personalised offer especially for you – which turns out to be for something you wouldn’t want in a million years. And I’m not just talking about Viagra and chances to recover vast fortunes from long […]

Press release: Targetbase Australia ushers in new agency model, rebrands as “The Walk Agency”.

by The Walk Agency • August 17, 2016

With a pedigree of award-winning marketing campaigns, technopreneur attitude and a data-driven approach, The Walk is the new Melbourne-based integrated marketing agency that readdresses the role of the agency in modern marketing. 18 August 2016, Melbourne Australia – Targetbase Australia, the Melbourne based integrated agency that brought together the key personnel from long-running Australian Agency, Targetbase Integrated, has taken the next […]

Understanding the role of interactive design in conveying your brand’s personality

by Nick Cantor • June 15, 2016

More often than not these days, a potential customer’s first experience of your brand happens online. Does your brand’s online customer experience convey qualities consistent with its personality? And how do you bring these qualities to life beyond just the user interface? Starting with their own website’s user interface (UI) design, content and interactive experiences, brands now have a real […]

Maximising sales from effective customer profiling

by The Walk Agency • March 13, 2016

Dulux is arguably the most respected brand in its category. Achieving this has been a result of a quality product and a consistent branding approach that has given Dulux “hero” brand status; it’s the most trusted product for house proud and savvy decorators. That’s great, but what about the real decision makers; the guys that earn their living from their […]

Driving ROI through multi-touch DM campaigns

by The Walk Agency • January 12, 2016

“With fierce competition and ‘noise’ in the online space, marketing managers need to be really savvy about how to achieve marketing effectiveness”. Integrated Marketing Agency, The Walk, understands the changing landscape that marketers face. In this environment, they believe that direct marketing is even more effective when coupled with multi-touch and cross-media campaigns. But just how much attention is given […]