Reach your marketing summit

Effective, targeted, integrated marketing that fuels growth

Marketing is a growth engine. Investing in marketing only makes sense when it is repaid with tangible, measurable results. Everything we do at The Walk must result in sales, new customers, repeat business and a stronger pipeline.

Breaking through in a crowded market
In a crowded and rapidly changing global marketplace, our integrated marketing approach delivers a flexible range of marketing activities, through the channels that prove most effective. Aligned with the needs of your business, and your customers, we deliver your brand messages and buy triggers above and below the line, offline, online but always in line with strategic goals.

Founders Nick and Jo with the team.

It’s not us, it’s you

Our approach to marketing puts your business challenge at the centre of everything we do.

Creating unique pathways to customers
Your business is unique, and the best way to connect to your customers will also be unique. Our experience in integrated marketing means we use only the channels that make your marketing and communications most effective. This enables us to deploy coherent, researched, audience-targeted messages and buy triggers across multiple customer touchpoints, creating a coherent path-to-purchase across any buying cycle.

We'll find the best way to reach your customers and take them on a journey from awareness to interest, desire then action...and beyond.

Building brands on the journey
Working through multiple mediums, we can create a fluent and engaging audience journey which funnels prospects from their initial awareness of your brand, through to making a purchase and beyond. All the while, carefully crafted, authentic messaging that simultaneously builds trust in your brand, and turns affinity into loyalty, nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Help at hand, where and when you need it
So, if it’s B2B, B2C, awareness, acquisition, development, retention or win-back, we can help you address your challenges using data driven, creative marketing solutions across print, digital and broadcast media.

The result?
  • Tailored marketing tactics that impact your business goals and success metrics, your marketing summit.

Your marketing summit

Defining your destination is a crucial first step in any strategy. By clearly identifying your destination, we can meaningfully map the marketing journey and measure progress.

3-steps to iterate and perfect
Crucial to the process of integrated marketing is to recognise that the end goal is not the only important factor. Equally important is how you get there. Our unique, 3-step approach allows us to constantly learn and evolve as we go, delivering incrementally better results. Learn more about how we work here.

The result?
  • Continuous improvement, brilliant marketing, results you’ll be proud of.
Our 3 step approach to marketing is designed to deliver continuous improvement in your results

Growth is letting go of what you used to know

At The Walk we live, breathe and believe in change. We know that staying still is going backwards. So, we walk on, always looking ahead and constantly pouring our energy into producing new and imaginative marketing.

To do this, we strive to go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients to demonstrate fresh, innovative and intuitive understanding of their products, services and marketplace.

Building on new intelligence to evolve
As products, services, market conditions and consumer behaviours change, new intelligence is applied to new activities, or to optimise current campaigns. We also use that intelligence to grow and change ourselves. The commitment to progress is a part of our DNA – and we love partnering with clients who understand the importance of evolution.

If you don’t feel like you’ve reached your marketing summit, step out with The Walk, and together we’ll forge the path to your peak.

The result?
  • Grow in the right direction

Some brands we’ve worked with

  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
The result?
  • Broad experience, laser focus

So, how can we help?

We help awesome businesses and brands shine at all the crucial points of customer interaction. Turning business goals into business results and big ideas into big impressions, we have capability across a range of channels, tactics and strategies. It’s all about delivering the right message, through the right medium, at the right time.

But how?




Comms & Content


As an integrated marketing agency, we are fiercely channel agnostic. This doesn’t mean we don’t believe in any channels. Instead, it means we believe in, well… pretty much all of them. Because giving ourselves freedom from the strictures of particular mediums means we can be slaves to impact and results.

Put simply, we do it all. Digital, print, video, events, experiential… and the rest. How? We’ve been around a while, and our experienced in-house team can deliver on a wide range of data, strategy and content requirements. But, where added scale or a niche skillset is required, we draw on a global network of creative, technical and strategic specialists to help us execute on brief, on message and on time.

The result?
  • Now you’re speaking to your people

Marketing gurus, music aficionados,
occasional baristas

Our team has come together from across the globe, bringing diverse skills and international experience to a mix of strategic, digital and creative expertise that spans multi-channel business and consumer landscapes.


Elastic fantastic

Outside the agency walls, our team extends across borders and time zones. With highly skilled, trusted contractors (all under NDA) who are educated in the way that we work, we can scale to handle larger projects and execute across niche media without passing on the expense to our clients of keeping experts on staff all the time.


Where is your marketing taking you?

We’d love to hear about it. Listening is crucial in any relationship, and we do it well. So, get in touch and we’ll talk. It doesn’t matter if it’s account-based marketing for large enterprises, lead generation to support a long sales cycle, niche digital outreach for vertical-specific technologies, broad-based consumer awareness – or anything in between. We’ll work out what success looks like, make a plan, take a journey, and together, we’ll get to where you want to be.