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  • The eve of AI – preparing for artificial intelligence and automation powered marketing

    By now you’ve probably seen the headlines about robots taking our jobs. Yes, it’s real and it’s happening right now. Will you run from the impact or stand and embrace it?
    By Nick Cantor

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  • Game on – the rise of agile marketing

    Today’s business world is changing faster than ever. Marketers are required to produce faster, often with limited budgets. This means getting to market more quickly, but at no extra cost.
    By Bob Shrestha

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Marketing, technology and consumer expectation are always changing. Meet the integrated marketing agency that can help you stay a step ahead.

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We’re a modern-day integrated agency, offering a range of services across a range of mediums. Find out more about what we do below or read more about our services here.


Call it marketing automation, funnel marketing, lead management, lead nurture or segmentation, it’s all about the same thing: data driven marketing. It’s not new, but gets more and more exciting with social media and the availability of off the shelf automation engines. Read more »


Integrated marketing is our passion, the blood in our veins and the air we breathe every day. Our heart beats for extensive channel and incentive programs, for strategising, creating and implementing direct marketing campaigns and managing marketing programs. Read more »


Digital, online, mobile, web, social, tweets, posts, likes, blogs, websites, microsites, pages, apps, SEM, SEO, CMS, email, portals – it’s complex. But daunting? No, it’s thrilling. At The Walk, we are inspired by new trends and breathtaking technology as an amazing opportunity to speak and connect to your target audience. And that gives us goose bumps. Read more »


We’ve all heard that it’s not just what you say, but how it’s said that’s important. That’s true. But more important still is who you’re saying it to – and in fact, is this the moment to be speaking to them at all? Read more »

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