What do we do?

It’s complicated. But we love it.

The world has never consumed more media than they do now, or through so many diverse channels.

We’re all are under constant bombardment. Hard words, soft sells, small talk, big ideas, come at us through spots, clips, posts, tweets, inserts, out of home, in-store, on page, online, upstream, downtown, on air, at half-time, in downtime – everywhere.

This means it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re talking to the right people, via the right channel, so that your message can be heard above the rest of the din, by people who might actually be interested.

Daunting? No, it’s exciting.

Our clients come to us with their business challenges. And we challenge them right back, until we get right to the heart of it. Learning together as we go, our collaborative approach with clients means we’ll work however is most practical, whether that’s working independently or collaborating with in-house teams and third parties.

Marketing is a rapidly evolving business, where the technology or channel that we used to address our audience last time, might not necessarily be the one we use again.

These days, you have to stay on your toes to keep your feet. At The Walk, we can help you to keep moving forward, because we have the experience and expertise to think through from the beginning of a challenge to the end. And then, how to take the next step.

Come to us for marketing strategy, cool creative, digital prowess, and data insights. Come to us because we can dream it up and make it real.

Our main services


Call it marketing automation, funnel marketing, lead management, lead nurture or segmentation, it’s all about the same thing: data driven marketing. It’s not new, but gets more and more exciting…

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Digital, online, mobile, web, social, tweets, posts, likes, blogs, websites, microsites, pages, apps, SEM, SEO, CMS, email, portals – it’s complex. But daunting? No, it’s thrilling. At The Walk, we…

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At The Walk we consider integrated marketing to be a results-focused, ideas-driven, media-agnostic, targeted and sustained marketing effort. Right… Now, what does that mean?

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Headphones are great, particularly the noise-cancelling ones. Experiencing a good creative idea is like that – you find yourself undistracted by all the other stuff going on around you…

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What can The Walk do for your business?

Marketing, technology and consumer expectation are always changing. Meet the integrated marketing agency that can help you stay a step ahead.