So, what do we do exactly?

It’s complicated, so let’s start by simplifying things.

How do we help our clients here at The Walk? It’s different each day, because change is just part of it.

Our clients come to us with all kinds of challenges. While each challenge is unique and deserves a unique approach, we follow a three-step process that ensures that everything we do – every integrated marketing strategy, display ad, brand identity, creative concept, search campaign, article, exhibition stand, TVC, brochure, website, billboard, case study, inbound strategy, testimonial video, radio script, social campaign, email campaign, event, animation or infographic – delivers value and a return on imagination for our clients.

The Walk is an integrated marketing agency, which means we are committed to working in whichever channels or media are going to most effectively combine to solve your business problem. We say that we are media-agnostic – i.e. we don’t believe any one channel or medium is always the answer. So we ensure we can execute across as many channels as possible. This is critical for producing effective marketing, because how can we know what medium (or media) would best suit solving a specific business problem before we’ve uncovered the insights that define the strategy that addresses the challenge? This is why we’ve moved past services being broken down into “digital”, “print” and other traditional nomenclatures, instead settling on three key phases: insights, strategy and content. This approach allows us to look past any preconceptions about what we might delivering, instead focusing on understanding the context, including the successes or failures of previous efforts, and carrying that forward into a refined strategy before executing content to overcome the challenge.

The short story? With good insights and the right strategy, we can execute in any media.

Crucial to the process of integrated marketing is to recognise that it’s not only a journey, it’s also a cycle. With each insight, we can further refine our strategy. With every result from a creative solution, we learn. This new intelligence can then be applied to new activities, or to optimise current campaigns. This commitment to constant improvement is a part of our DNA – and we love partnering with clients who understand the importance of evolution too.

Discover more about our service phases below.


Insights are the starting blocks for any journey into integrated marketing, as where you’re starting defines both where you need to go and the route you need to travel to get there. Initially these insights may come from a client brief plus our own research, previous campaign data and experience.

In the insights phase we ask questions, investigate, and define the challenge. This is arguably the most critical step in crafting an effective solution, because without knowing the size and shape of a challenge, you don’t stand much of a chance of solving it. The insights phase isn’t only about getting to know the research and stats, but also about understanding the information in the correct context. By knowing how to cast the right lens over both raw data and the background, we can bring into focus the insights that are both meaningful and actionable.

To generate our insights we lean on the real data we have, but we also use a healthy dose of gut – that combination of experience and intuition that takes numbers and translates them into something that humans can relate to. This is the crucial step that allows us to translate grids of numbers into sales, customer loyalty or brand engagement.


Once insights have been generated that will allow us to accurately define and contextualize the challenge ahead, the next step is to plan how we’ll solve it. This is the strategy phase.

Based on our insights and understanding, there are many decisions to make as to how to move forward. With the myriad creative options available in integrated marketing solutions, you’ll soon realise you have the potential to move in many different directions, down a range of different channels and media. Strategy allows us to narrow down the direction we’ll move in to reach our goal and plan out the path we might take to get us there. As with any journey, keeping moving in the right direction, even when there are some twists and turns along the way is important. A good strategy provides the compass which always points to true north and helps everyone on the journey align and pull in the same direction, especially when there’s been a false step.


Once our strategy has helped to define where we’re going and how we are going to get there, all that’s left is to get moving. Outlining a creative response in line with our strategy, we’ll craft solutions across the channels identified as most effective in addressing the challenge. The key is in maintaining the overall direction and single-minded focus on reaching the end goal, ensuring messaging across channels and touch points is coherent, resulting in crafted sequential experiences and seamless customer journeys.

At The Walk, we take a media-agnostic approach to content, utilising whichever media and tactics will prove most effective. We might produce advertising, video, an event, a branding exercise, websites, infographics, radio, podcasts, native advertising or articles… whatever will work best to deliver on the strategy.

Of course, as part of the creative process and as campaigns work their ways into the world, we measure, reflect, learn and feed data back into the cycle to produce insights that will shape future campaigns.

What can we do for you?

We offer the critical thinking and industry nous required to effectively give shape to a business challenge so that it can be addressed. We offer the strategic thinking and understanding necessary to craft a strategy that will guide every effort towards the eventual solution. And, we offer the experience and skills needed to produce content across channels and media that will get us there while delivering a great brand experience for your business.

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