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In 2020, digital marketing is essential for nearly every brand. It connects you with customers in the place they spend the most time: online. It also finds your audience at the right moment and in frame of mind to hear your message. No more shouting blindly from the rooftops.

Digital marketing channels can take your business to the next level. With SEO, SEM, PPC and CPC, it can sound a little complicated. We have a wealth of experience with brands around the world in building digital strategies that use the right channels to get measurable results. Let’s grow.

Marketers are spending more than two-thirds (70%) of their total budget on digital marketing channels1

Our strategies feed into three core areas


Reaching customers in targeted places


Using the right messaging for each channel


Remarketing & targeting to stay front-of-mind

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Our Work

With experience in working with local brands to multinational giants, you know you’re in good company with The Walk.

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  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
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What we’re good at

Full service

Keyword research, site optimisation and ranking

Performance marketing

PPC, native advertising, affiliate marketing

Digital strategy and placement

Creating stellar, ROI-focused strategies that use the right channels

Marketing strategy
& optimisation

Crafting and constantly improving your marketing plans


Building & improving your website, including UX & UI

Search engine optimisation

Growing authority and rankings, on-site and off-site


Using platforms like Google Ads and DV360 to target customers


Google Display ads and programmatic advertising

Social media advertising

Leveraging channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


Producing, placing an syndicating content, as well as native advertising


Reporting and gathering insights for continuous improvement


Connecting with customers and driving sales

Remarketing advertising

Cross-channel remarketing to stay front-of-mind

Hosting & platform architecture

Modifying systems to maximise your digital presence


Blogs, video, radio, email and infographics – we’ve got you covered


Streamline processes to boost sales & service


Identify, audit, strategise, analyse: the foundations of any successful digital marketing campaign


Knowing who you’re marketing to is the starting block of any campaign – digital or otherwise. This means knowing your audience. A good way to do this is to draft several customer personas. These personas are a mix of qualitative and quantitative data: how old is one of your typical customers? Where do they live, what are they looking for? Personas help you to identify the tools you’re going to use in your campaign.


Next, audit what you have already. Map out your brand assets (this tends to be content) and make notes of what’s performed well in the past and what hasn’t (you can use a traffic tracking tool for this). 
Audit your previous paid media campaigns. If you’ve spent a lot on Facebook ads, for example, and aren’t pleased with the results, it could be time to switch it up.


Now you know your audience and have audited your existing content and channels, it’s time to get strategising. It’s a good idea to think about this in the medium to long term. For example, in January, running an ad campaign for a new year promotion. Then, in April, publishing an eBook that’s supported by PR.


Analysing the results of your campaign is essential. This helps you to see which channels are working and what needs to be reconsidered – ultimately saving you time and money.

The first step is easy. We’ll help you optimise your digital marketing so you get better results with less spend in a short audit.

Let us know what you’re having trouble with and one of our digital marketing specialists will get in touch.

Rest assured, we won’t spam you or pass your details onto others! Read our Privacy Policy here.

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