Merging business acumen with creative energy.

Brendan is a solution-oriented team member always looking to add extra value to every project. For Brendan, it’s all about being forward thinking and proactive to critically identify when something more can be done to take projects from great, to truly outstanding.

Brendan’s marketing experience spans the national marketplace for the Australian Tourism industry, non-for-profit organisations, tertiary education facilities and local Australian businesses. Since being at The Walk, he’s enjoyed being both the strategic driver and working on the tactical level. As a key thinker at The Walk, he has been an invaluable part of multiple local and international projects. With a double degree in IT and Commerce from Monash University, Brendan is here to solve your business problems with intelligent marketing.

When he isn’t in the office, you’ll find him binge watching a tv series or rushing to his nightly Brazilian jiu jitsu classes.

Drop a message below and Brendan will reach out to help you grow your business.